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In a breath of fate and time, a quartet of Illagers were birthed into being. Brought forth with purpose, laden with malevolence deep within their hearts, they heeded their comrades' call, descending upon the humble hamlet nestled at the base of the mighty mountain.

The village folk were consumed by fright, though their fell Iron Golems did not falter in their defence, delivering strokes of monumental force.

In the midst of the chaos, a witch amongst the attackers' ranks splashed them with an elixir of restoration. This potion, somehow aberrant in its brew, was intended to restore their physical strength.

Yet, instead, a peculiar change took place.

For this potion did not merely mend their physical wounds, it sparked a revitalization of their hearts. As if roused from a malefic slumber, these four erstwhile Illagers—who were now something altogether different—peered around, realizing their hearts no longer harboured intentions of ill will.

Glancing upon each other, as if by unspoken pact, they took flight. They fled with all the swiftness their legs could muster, and with no regard for how far their flight might take them. They ran until they found themselves in a remote dale—a new territory where they could dwell in tranquillity.

On this journey, they discovered their names and the art of creation and construction. They learned the melodious harmony of music.

They christened themselves The Feather Falling Four.